GarageBand Fender/Squire Telecaster Icons

I have been having fun with icons recently – it started because I wanted to customise the icons for the folders that I use regularly (easy to create the image, strangly complicated to convert to icons. In the end I used a combination of Icon Composer, and icns2icon).

Whilst trying to figure it all out I came across a replacement for Garageband’s Gibson ES-335 icon of a Fender Stratocaster. Nice, but I am a Telecaster man myself, so I set about making an icon of my Squire ’83 SQ Telecaster (the first one above).Once I had finished it was only a matter of changing a few colours to create different models (real guitar nerds amongst you may notice that all the fittings are still those from the ’83 Squire, but hey…)

I have decided to make them available to download for free so if you want to download the full set of five icons click here. If your model is a different colour combination and you desperately want an icon to match just drop me an email ( and I will see what I can do…

nb. The icons are only 128 x 128 px as I am still on Tiger and can’t yet create the gigantic 512 x 512 px available on Leopard.

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One Response to GarageBand Fender/Squire Telecaster Icons

  1. Andrea says:

    Awesome! Finally I’ll have my Tele on mac, Thanks!

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